Wintertime in Yellowstone National Park

























































































































































































The Heart of Upper Yellowstone Falls. a Winter Snowfall Reveal

Multi-image Artworks
Quilts & DreamScapes, Gary calls them…)
made using the photographs from his 2019 Winter in Yellowstone shoot,
plus two Winter Eagle shots he made in Kansas a couple weeks before flying to Montana












Kansas Snow Eagle




Kansas Snow Eagle amid Winter in Yellowstone Quilt




Yellowstone Winter Eagle flyover amid Winter in Yellowstone Quilt






Kansas Winter Eagle in Flight amid Winter in Yellowstone Quilt




Exhibition Notes:

The 100+ photographs included in this exhibition were all made during a 5-day stretch snowshoeing, hiking and snow-motoring around Yellowstone National Park during the middle of wintertime 2019 (February 11 to February 15) when all of us there mindfully making the most of a record wintery season in that part of the Rocky Mountains were graced with more than 40 inches of fresh new powder. My experience depicting this photographic extreme and what it must have been like to have been at that place during such ruggedly weathered times was shared with best friend Kim of Lawrence USA, and 11 new friends from all over the place (well, from San Diego to the Netherlands, anyway!); Barbara, Mary Ellen, Johanna, Gerald, Sue, Fia and Eric; our naturalist guide Chad; our snow coach driver Ible; and John, who made the group photo attached below, the only one mentioned above not part of that picture…