B&W | Select Black & White Global Street Photographs x67



Pulling Sheep to Market
Guamote, Ecuador


Athens Greece GreaterGlobal37

SunSeek Athens
Athens, Greece


Belfast GodInTheWildPhoto10

Resting Places: Milltown IRA Cemetery
Belfast, Northern Ireland 1983



Buenos Aires Street Tango #2
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Chicago Photo12

Chicago Umbrella Tragedy
Chicago, Illinois, USA


Amsterdam WallScapePhoto9

Amsterdam Coke Bottle Canal
Amsterdam, the Netherlands



Kunming Crossing
Kunming, China



Quito Sidewalk Sail Tall Ship Vendor
Quito, Ecuador



Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Quito, Ecuador



Suchitoto Violin
Suchitoto, El Salvador 1982



Otavalo Tuba Dogs
Otavalo, Ecuador


Amsterdm UmbrellaGaryMarkSmithPhoto18

Lights Out Amsterdam:
Helping a Friend Home After a Rough Night Out on the Damrak

Amsterdam, the Netherlands



War Time
Suchitoto, El Salvador Civil War 1984



War, Woman and Children
Guazapa, El Salvador Civil War 1982



Asleep at the Switch
East Berlin, East Germany just before reunification 1990



Window Kid with LadderScape
Magdeburg, East Germany just before reunification 1990


Sydney Underground Dog Tired
Sydney, Australia



Just Hang on to What You Got
West Berlin, West Germany just before reunification 1990



Havana Sidecar Rain Scape
Havana, Cuba 1997


Italy Florence DarkDreamsPhoto12

Diet Sleep
Florence, Italy train station


Kansas City Kansas GreaterNorthAmericaPhoto17

Exit: The End of Punk Music
Kansas City, Kansas



Volcano Victim (Lost Her House)
Geralds, Montserrat, Eastern Caribbean 1997


New York SubwayPhoto21

An E-Train Date with a New York Destiny
New York, New York, USA


Out From the Subterranean
New York, New York, USA


New York KissingInTheCityPhoto29

Old Love on a Boardwalk Bench
Coney Island, New York, USA


New York SubwayPhoto22

Waiting For Improvements
New York, New York, USA



Fountain Dance
Washington Square, New York, New York, USA



Washington Square HatNapper
 New York, New York, USA



Dog Run Pals #2
Washington Square, New York, New York, USA


Pakistan Peshawar DarkDreamsPhoto24

Taliban Hassle
Peshawar, Pakistan | December, 2001



Afghan Refugee Camp Wagon Whip
outside Peshawar, Pakistan | December, 2001



Peshawar Market LadderScape
Peshawar, Pakistan | December, 2001


Paris SubwayPhoto25

Paris Nation Metro Station
Paris, France


Aspen Colorado GreaterNorthAmericaPhoto14

Load Out at the Hotel Jerome
Aspen, Colorado, USA



Champs-Élysées Traffic Stop
Paris, France


Boston PublicPhoneTelephonePhoto11

 Boston Satellite Feed Hustle
Boston, Massachusetts, USA



Accordingly Asleep
Prague, Czechoslovakia | Freedom Summer 1990


Rio KissingInTheCityPhoto38

Rio Art Fair Rain Kiss
Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rio PublicPhoneTelephonePhoto14

Ipanema Call Girl
Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Favela Run!
Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Under Gang Control 2011


Amsterdam Accident Scene
Amsterdam, the Netherlands



Attention Men Working (Sweeping the Valão Among Drug Traffickers)
Favela da Rocinha (Under Gang Control 2011)



Rocinha Motorcycle Egg Drop
Favela da Rocinha (Under Gang Control 2011)


Russia Moscow DarkDreamsPhoto19

I Dreamed a Starry Night | Moscow Airport
USSR-Russia as the Soviet Union Imploded 1991



Union Square Skateboarders
San Francisco, California, USA


San Francisco101

Succumbing to Youth
San Francisco, California, USA


Utrecht WallScapePhoto57

Flower Busker
Utrecht, the Netherlands


USSR Black Marketiers

Soviet Black Marketeers
Leningrad to St. Petersburg | USSR to Russia (Fall 1991)



Soufrière Hills Volcano Erupts | Salem Eruption #1 | September 22, 1997, 10:46 am
Salem, Montserrat, Eastern Caribbean


Amsterdam Nightime Tram Stop
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Warsaw Poland100

Sells Flowers, Sleeps Sometimes
Warsaw, Poland | Freedom Summer 1990


Warsaw Poland101

Five on a Bench
Warsaw, Poland | Freedom Summer 1990


Last Trip to the Farm
Guazapa, El Salvador (1982)


Father Sheltering Son  from Urban Warfare
Suchitoto, El Salvador (1982)


Russian Revolutionaries at Russian Whitehouse Barricades
Moscow, U.S.S.R. (October 1991)


Cardboard Shack Family at the Top of the Slum
Favela da Rocinha (Under Gang Control 2011)


Ground Zero Remains
York, New York (November 2001)


Reunification Kiss
Cologne, Reunited Germany (October 3, 1990/ 12:01  a.m.)


Amsterdam Biker Nun
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Homemade Scooter Boy
Paseo del Prado, Havana, Cuba


Fighting For a Seat
New York, New York, U.S.A.


Central Park Sunseek
New York, New York, U.S.A.


Paris Accordion Buskers #1
Paris, France


Paris Accordion Buskers #2
Paris, France


Saturday Night Hangover on Sunday Morning Park Bench
Paris, France



Washington Monuments
Washington D.C. 1988

. . .

** This Collection of 67 Selected Gary Mark Smith Black & White Street Photographs was made in 33 cities around the world.
The photographs were made during Gary’s “black & white” period between 1982 and 2014

. . .
Amsterdam, the Netherlands x2
Athens, Greece x1
Belfast, Northern Ireland x1
Buenos Aires, Argentina x1
Chicago, Illinois, USA x1
Kunming, China x1
Quito, Ecuador x2
Guamote, Ecuador x1
Otavalo, Ecuador x1
Suchitoto, El Salvador x2
San Salvador, El Salvador x1
Magdeburg, East Germany x1
East Berlin, East Germany x1
West Berlin, West Germany x1
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil x4
Florence, Italy x1
Havana, Cuba x1
Kansas City, Kansas, USA x1
Geralds, Montserrat x1
Salem, Montserrat x1
New York, New York, USA x7
Peshawar, Pakistan x3
Paris, France x2
Aspen, Colorado, USA x1
Boston, Massachusetts, USA x1
Prague, Czechoslovakia x1
Moscow, USSR-Russia x2
San Francisco, California, USA x2
Utrecht, the Netherlands x1
Leningrad/St. Petersburg, USSR to Russia x2
Warsaw, Poland x2
Washington D.C. USA x1
Cologne, United Germany x1
Sydney, Australia x1