Travelogueing the Dark Side

Travelogueing the Dark Side

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The ExtremeOphile Field Notes
of a One-of-a-Kind Lifetime Art Project

Photographing the Poetry of Everyday Life on the Streets of the Civilized World’s Most Frightening Discomfort Zones

Gary Mark Smith

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Book by the Most Far-Flung Global Street Photographer in all the Land

This book includes a foreword by James R. Hugunin who teaches art and photo criticism at the School at the Art Institute of Chicago and a postface by Rick Musser, retired professor of Journalism at the University of Kansas

Hardcover | 420 pages | Deluxe 100# paper | 281 photographs | 300 pages of text
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Gary Mark Smith has been aimlessly wandering the streets of the world full time for 40 years, capturing his one-of-a-kind lifetime view of the poetry of everyday life on the streets of more than 85 countries thus far. Along the way he became notorious for repeatedly sending himself on assignment to some of the most dangerous streets on the planet as way of including all the streets of the world in his work, not just the “safe” streets. Smith has published six previous photography chronicles about his audacious adventures, and his original artworks can be found in dozens of permanent art collections on four continents; including the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Montserrat National Trust and the School at the Art Institute of Chicago. His research papers and thousands of negatives and prints from his far-flung career have been archived at the Kenneth Spencer Research Library at the University of Kansas.


Ground Zero After 9/11



The Flood of New Orleans



Havana, Cuba during the Embargo



Havana Beaded Che Vendor



The Montserrat Volcano Disaster



Taliban Escape Adjacent to the Battle of Tora Bora



The War in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


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